Sunday, April 28, 2013

Let There Be Chaos

I Am Kalki

It has been less than a month since I returned from Italy, and I asked myself again, why did I go there? Not only, it seems, to see justice done. Not only, to get a feel for this new pope and the direction of the church. Not only, to bring change to Italy, but as I have seen over and over again, I bring change wherever I go.

Here's the reason I went: to get ready for my next step, and change in direction. I will remind every one of this: Six years ago, I went to Iran, and wrote about it here, in HAPPY NAWROOZ TO THE PEOPLE OF IRAN and I brought change there. That year I also went to the UK, and indeed, change followed me there, too, and the day I left, October 31, 2007, events were unfolding in Perugia, Italy, which led to today, this day of choice and outcome..

Even today, as more chaos descends on the world, I remind people, just how I wrote that war might take place as soon as 2008, but it would depend on the American and Iranian people. Then, in 2008, Barack Husein Obama was elected, and the Iranian people had their Green Revolution after that, so for a while, there was hope. But still, I wrote, it's up to us to change.

When I started writing this a few days ago, the full moon coincided with a lunar eclipse. Next month, there will be more turmoil, with a solar and then another lunar eclipse, with a major shift as Uranus squares Pluto in May. I warned people that there would be upheaval to come, more in their personal lives but also in their surroundings, and I am seeing that effect take place already.

As soon as I got back from Italy, I heard that two of my favorite aunts were in their final stages of cancer. One, who'd been fighting a brave battle for eight years; another, who'd just been diagnosed but it already was too late. They passed away this week, and I thought again, that some things just were meant to be, sad as that might seem, and also, not to be too attached to outcomes. A lesson that some, are learning right now.

Then the Italian president was re-appointed to the job for another seven years, a move that many argued was unconstitutional, and protesting crowds marched on parliament, and two policemen were shot in Rome. Thankfully, they weren't seriously wounded.

In the mean time, there was the Boston bombing. Why? Why is it that two countries I really care about are going through so much? The answer lies here, in my home country where I live. We Canadians are, with the election of Justin Trudeau as leader of the Liberal Party, beginning a long journey back to where we can free ourselves of the neoliberal yoke, and I am focusing on the spiritual (while maintaining my material foundations) and it seems, you will have to come to me, and ask for help. And it will be a long journey.

It seems that Italy and the United States will have to go through a great deal before they can become better places free of the spiritual miasma that affects them, and I know I will have to go there again. But be warned,  I bring change. As, it seems, I did to the many people I met there. I know many things got shaken up, and that there were huge shifts. For the people I met, and those I did not meet. Many were nervous when they first met me, and I am sorry for that. I wish that what I do came with far less cost. But, I do expect faith and trust when people ask for help, otherwise it will never work, and then, I move on. And those that did ask for help, received it, not as they asked, but, according to their need.

But, for those who are not yet ready: I am who I am. Let There Be Chaos.

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