Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Follow Your Spirit

The Merlin Falcon In Our Back Yard

Today, as we begin the Chinese Year of the Snake, my message to you will be very brief. Twenty one years ago, around about this time, I began a journey of spiritual teaching that led to this day. I was driving on a country road and saw a flight of Canada Geese fly low overhead, and knew this was a very special message to me, as I have always equated birds, with spirit. You will see, from my blog, the number of times I have referred to them, and the lessons I learned therefrom. It has not always been easy, but it has been exciting, it has been wonderful, and it has brought me much love.

Last year was all about karma, and the things we have left undone, and the lessons we still have to learn. This year, will be all about spirit, and the things we have to do in our lives. If you are happy with the direction of your life, go for it. If you think there must be something more, then I say to you, follow your spirit. Sure, when you first try to fly, you will stumble. But one day, you will fly!

So, once again, recently, a flight of geese flew low overhead. Once again, a large hawk flew and circled just a few feet over my wife and children's head. Once again, a Merlin Falcon landed in our back yard.

~Follow your spirit, make a leap of faith~

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