Saturday, March 24, 2012

Remembrance of Things Past

Those were the perfect years

I really have no patience with utopians. They may look to some perfect place down the future. Me, I only think of the work required to get anywhere.

But, if there ever was a perfect time, and place, it surely was the first seven years of my life, that I spent in Pakistan, India, England and Japan, which I've already written about.

Perhaps, as we get older, we all tend to look at the past with nostalgia. Speaking only for myself, I know that my childhood was magical.

I know, every day, just how much suffering there is in the world. But what I try to also do is take people to the magical place every child knows. There was a time when you knew how to do magic. There was a time when you simply knew you were loved. Maybe it was a parent, friend, teacher, grandparent, or simply, God, but, at some point in your life, you were loved.

There was a time when you were scared of nothing, and full of confidence.

Everything tasted wonderful, the colors were vibrant, and the world was a beautiful place to explore. You were never again as alive as at that one moment in time, and then you forgot.

Children, and animals, know how to disappear. They disappear from right under their mothers noses, dogs shift, as I wrote, through locked doors, cats, cross back from death, and that is why I keep using them as examples, of the spiritual dimensions they, and we, can all access.

Because it's not we also do not have those abilities, but, that we've forgotten how to use them.

Yes, there was a time when we learned fear, and anger, and hatred, and that the world was no longer a safe place. There was a time when we grew up.

The six of cups of the tarot deck shows children playing in a new setting. I teach you how to go to that new place, how to play, and, how to be a child again.

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