Friday, October 07, 2011

Buried Treasure

This is a real treasure map, mateys!

I meet the most interesting people, and it's always, always, for a reason. They always have a good story to tell. They may be a connection from the past, or, a message pertaining to the future. (Note: don't ask me if I have a message for them :) Even if I did, I'd still wait and see what unfolds) They may know people that are famous (though I always find their story more compelling than that of the politician/celebrity they're connected with) And yes, there is buried treasure waiting to be found.

There are many people, with buried memories of past lives. Helping them untangle and move forward is one thing I do. There are those who almost died and came back with a purpose, or still are searching. You look at a person, and you see the gifts they have. You look around, and there are unquiet spirits... yes, they are interesting.

So, Nelson Mandela is a hero to many people because of his heroic resistance to oppression. But in the end he had to make a deal not to nationalize South Africa's mines before he was allowed to become president. And then, even then, people still tried to assassinate him. I met the special forces man who was supposed to plant a bomb in his office. He'd been tortured in prison, and I helped heal his broken body so he was free of pain for a while. As I said, it was his story that was interesting.

The Dalai Lama is another celebrity we get to project our emotional and spiritual longing on to. I know too much of his story of compromise to care any more. It was the Rinpoche in Toronto with the gleaming eyes and shared sense of humour I liked.

Then there are people who quite literally search for buried treasure.

There was an Iranian businessman who wanted much but was afraid to give. He had all sorts of spiritual and financial karma. So I made him pay me up front :) and as it turned out, good thing I did :))) He won a big lawsuit, regained property stolen from him, sold a factory, made millions. Then, in the nature of rich people everywhere, he wanted his money's worth. Which, he got. There's a friend of his in London whose son had a stroke. In a coma for a while, could I help? Yes, and he got better. His brother was a coke addict. I healed from a distance, and he quit. Left his family too, but, I break eggs. Then he got me in touch with some exiles who needed to get a hold of 'buried treasure'. Sure I could help, but pay me first. Nope, and we parted ways.

But the real person in all of this was his wife. She had some tremendous abilities and would have become a very powerful spiritual teacher. But they both were victims of spiritual possession and in the end, I could only wish them the best, with no regrets.

There are the 'spiritual advisers' to politicians. Like Djuna Davishavili, the woman who some say had enormous influence both with Russian leaders Leonid Brezhnev and Boris Yeltsin. I met her in Spain, and was invited to Moscow. Funny how my sense of self preservation kept me from going there just before the second Russian revolution and attack on the Russian White House in 1993. Around 2000 people were killed.

Yet I would also go to Iran in 2007, and believe me, that was more dangerous. Many of the ayatollahs and businessmen do believe in sorcery. But I was there to teach spirituality and prevent a disaster, and again, whatever could have happened, didn't (See "Happy Nawrooz To The People Of Iran").

When the Japanese armies invaded China in the late 30's huge amounts of gold and jewels were looted and sent back to Japan, and later, hidden in caves in the Philippines. The late Philippines dictator Ferdinand Marcos had a spiritual advisor he trusted implicitly. She had a disciple who came to Canada and became my student for a while. She told me about the caves which still had tons of looted gold and jewels. The CIA was after that, and she'd already been cheated of $30 million which had been entrusted to her by Marcos. Could I help her with that? Perhaps I could. But again, my spidey sense said it would come to nothing. Yet, funnily, coincidentally, my cousin was South Asian head of operations for a European bank based in Manila, and then when he might have been able to help the Iranians in 2007, he was heading operations in Amsterdam. But there was no way I'd endanger him.

Ever since I read RL Stevenson's Treasure Island I'd been fascinated by the idea of hidden treasure. Sure, there's Nazi looted gold in European lakes, and Mayan treasure vaults buried deep in the Andes, and Captain Kidd's pirate treasure somewhere off the Carolina coast.

But note this. The occult means 'the hidden', and alchemy is not the transmutation of lead to gold, but the transformation of humanity to a higher spiritual level.

There are people with a divine gift who wish to make a difference but don't know how.

If you want to know how to get there I say: give it up and follow me.

The greatest treasure of all is knowledge.

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