Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Passover To Everyone

Why is this night different from all other nights?

I think of a Passover Seder we celebrated many years ago, and the one we had this year as well, with friends and family. Why, indeed, is this night different from all other nights? The food, the rituals, the lighting of the candles, the prayer. And as we celebrate I know this has nothing to do with any religion. Yes, Christmas and Easter, Hanukkah and Passover, Eid and Laylat ul Qadr, even Diwali, are all special days, and I wish everyone the peace and joy that comes with it.

But Passover is the story of the deliverance of a people, and God's covenant with them. And as we remember the suffering of the Jewish people, we remember the suffering of all of God's creatures, and so, too, do we know that God has a covenant with all of humanity too, to deliver us from suffering and oppression.

And so, as we drink the wine, we know that many have lost the way; many do not understand the hidden meanings behind all religions, and all ritual.

God has made a promise to all of us, who hold faith.


Tom V said...

That's all very nice and even somewhat quaint Naseer, but the problem with this Jewish holiday what is with all their holidays. That their celebrated deliverance came at the price of other people's tragedy. I'm neither Jewish, nor Egyptian, indeed I'm a compatriot to your wife (as much as any goy can be a compatriot to a Jew), but my heart by choice goes to the grieving Egyptian parents, whose first born had died.

PS Regardless, I wish your family Happy Passover with blessed Peace in all your loved one's hearts!

Man From Atlan said...

This is why I wish people Happy Easter as well, because it's a universal message, Tom.
But in these troubled times, I wanted to talk about a promise of deliverance for everyone

Tom V said...

All right Naseer, I understand it, even if I'm testy about it. The Divine wisdom and serenity in you searches for Universality, even where there's none.
Let us take heed, that on a day after when Christians worldwide remember the blood and suffering of Christ on the cross, Humanity's hope remains, that by Divine grace this old, ossified civilisational enmity shall be resolved.

All the best wishes again!

Man From Atlan said...

Thank you, Tom, and happy Easter to you!