Monday, September 13, 2010

The Paths That Cross Ours

We live in interesting times

Indeed, we do. And it is the paths that cross ours that make it the more interesting.

The paths that cross ours can be a planet, or a comet. It can be an event, or, a person. The question still is, and always will be, what do we learn from this?

Someone I loved met someone. The attraction was sudden. It coincided with planetary change. They married, sorta :) It lasted 2 months, and now they're done. The "I told you so's" are unremarkable. The coincidences, are remarkable. A child who was abused, married someone who was abusive, and who herself was the child of abuse. The parents involved all had holes in their heart chakras and in need of healing, but were unaware.

We lay in a field north of Toronto and the sky was filled with the flash of meteor shower; hundreds of streaks of light passing by, and then it was time to go on A Spiritual Journey to the U.S.

We saw the earth's shadow cross across the moon in L.A. and two months later there was the earthquake, and many more changes after I saw the shadow of the moon turn day into night on the Dartmoor hills. These paths crossed ours, and we changed because we accepted that we must.

And there were the countless people who were dying, or in coma, or a deep spiritual crisis, and they prayed and asked for help. They, the ones who needed me the most, met me, saw me, felt my healing touch. And they changed.

And so, when someone's path crosses yours, you change, because you must.

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