Saturday, August 07, 2010

The Karate Kid Catches a Fly

"Beginner's Luck"

My favourite scene from The Karate Kid has Mr. Miyagie, his teacher, attempting to catch a fly with his chopsticks. He's been trying all his life, "because when you can catch a fly with chopsticks, you can master anything".

The Karate Kid catches one on his first try. Mr. Miyagie huffs, "beginner's luck!"

I'm in a Sushi Restaurant in Toronto with my brother. It's 1991, and I just started my full time practice of healing; still playing with and understanding the energy I'd kept inside all this time. There's a fly really, really hovering around the soy sauce on our table. I mention the scene from the movie. My brother says "I BET you could never catch that fly" (This is in the context of his asking what I'm doing-he has many gifts, suppressed all his life)

I catch the fly. He huffs, "beginner's luck!", and now, 19 years later, has forgotten that moment.

This isn't about catching a fly, or whatever goal you set for yourself. There is no technique to this I can teach you. It's not even about grabbing the moment, even when there is a moment.

In that Magical Moment in Time (the original title of Man From Atlan) you're in the void, and, the fly gently lands on your open chopsticks, and you gently close them. You smile at the moment and gently release the fly, which then flies away.

There was a moment in Toronto, in 1974. Walking down the street I had just decided to quit my job and start writing my book. I saw the Canadian actress Jackie Burroughs and just beamed at her, and of course, she smiled right back. Then last night I saw her again, in a Canadian movie called The Republic of Love.

Let the moment, just land in your hand.

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