Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Sacred Marriage

The Lovers

Here's where we went wrong: the split between male and female energies, and the ensuing split within our spirituality that brought pain to this planet. And because we are not in balance, our actions are not in balance, and all the wars, pollution, and corruption are a direct result of that imbalance.

Here's how we can heal that: The Sacred Marriage. And the sacred marriage is not a tool that heals us, though it starts the process of healing, and the process of healing, I should say, is not the easiest thing in the world, but it certainly brings change!

There was a sacred marriage in Canaa, where water was turned into wine, and that was a miracle to show how one element could become another, and one person could become another.

I was married to Chloe in 1996 and even though we were together before that it was the ceremony itself, with our close personal friends, that brought a lot of healing to Canada. This continued into our magical journey to the U.K. and mainland Europe that year.

I returned to the U.K in 1999 to follow an eclipse, and there, conducted another sacred marriage for my friends Heather and Mars. It poured all day, then the sun came out for the marriage, then it poured again. We were swarmed by a cloud of bees and wasps, yet none of us were bitten. Symbolic, significant; I still have a photo of a wasp resting on my hand. The eclipse path went from New York to SE England to Turkey and India, and there were floods and earthquakes almost immediately after that, and two years later, the world changed with 9/11 in New York.

I held a sacred marriage ceremony for Chaieomie and Neil in 2002, and that too was magical, I hope to dig up the pictures so I can post that instead of this generic thingy I have up here. It was held in a provincial park. An eagle (I think) was sick and caught in a tree, but when we approached it became very frantic. So I released it from a distance and it flew away. Me, and birds :)

Isis and Patrick's marriage in Hawaii was accompanied by similar weather changes.

Chloe and I renewed our sacred marriage in England in 2007, with our dear friends around us, and England had its worst flooding that year, but wherever we went, the rains, that had been pouring for three months, stopped, and our healing energies helped normalize things.. for a while, but I left healers and healing centres behind.

So I teach my students to perform the ceremony, and in many cases they meet the person they are meant to marry (note I do not say it is the perfect person, just, the right person) and when they do the healing it creates very powerful energies. Does the marriage last? If they choose, if they work together and adjust, sure. But the energies created! Years later, miracles happen in that area of Devon, and Hamilton, and Toronto where I did my work. And the people who were there had huge changes. Even when my niece then my nephew got married and all I did was be there to bless them, then that was enough to bring healing protection.

This is the sacred marriage that will heal the world. It is not a ceremony between two individuals, though if done in good faith then yes it will bless and help you. But what it is is a union of two energies, the male and female, and it will bring about not a new religion, but the Way of Atlan that will heal the planet.

But first, there will be great change.

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