Thursday, November 05, 2009

Zombie Remembrance Day

Dawn of the Dead 2004

My daughter Gebbriel's elementary school class was working on a tableau commemorating Remembrance Day. My zombie-loving 10 yr old suggested they model it on Dawn of the Dead, with everyone chasing each other around and killing each other, and how silly war was, with people killing each other like zombies.

One kid said:
"I've got a rifle and I can kill everybody" pointing it around the class and going Bam! Bam! then another said "I have a rifle too" and started shooting so everyone in class started running around and shooting and falling down. Then my daughter marched in and, striking a pose, said "Everyone's dead. Now we have Peace!"

Every one was laughing now but the teacher said, 'sorry kids, this is a solemn occasion, so you'll have to be serious'.

The kids have it right: War is silly.

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Anonymous said...

You know Naseer, I was just like Gebbriel when I was little and thought war was sooo very silly and illogical...and as I grew up I was the one who was made to feel silly for having this view and people (teachers, parents, friends, etc) made me feel like I was the one who didn't understand. We live in such a brainwashed society and those of us that truly care for the good of all are made to feel like silly tree huggers. Such a shame.