Monday, May 25, 2009

The Children Of Atlan

This is the story of a family of Atlan, the Ameides. They

reincarnate throughout history as catalysts for change.

From the manuscript, The Children of Atlan I've been working on since 1975. It's a sequel to Man From Atlan.

“There is a prophecy that exists in every culture and every age. During a time of great need, someone will appear as a herald of change: A teacher, a king, a prophet”

“But what of the people who make that possible? The student disciples, the warriors, the followers? What about the artists, musicians, philosophers, alchemists, magician/scientists; the revolutionaries, to stir things up? This is their story, as they return to earth once again”

I was in Spirit: And there, you meet the ones whom you will know. You choose your future and the circumstances of your birth; you accept your karma, which is the course of your action in this life, and the future. You see the karma of the planets where you will be born, Aergon and Atlan. And you see the karma of those whom you will come to love. You all have freedom of choice and will. But what of the choices made in spirit?

Time of Atlan: The teacher taught his students, then he went away. Then, the war between the planets, the destruction and the rebuilding: Andron, Chief Scientist of Atlan. Aeflan, the High Priestess. Gabriel, their child. Septros, the High Priest. Arielle, daughter of Septros and Aeflan, half-sister of Gabriel, lover of knowledge. Gaea, in line of succession to High Priestess. Aphrodite, patron of the arts, beauty and love. Rahwin the warrior and revolutionary. They will return many times in this story.

Birth of the Gods: The war between the planets and the male and female energies repeated here on Earth, as Atlantis and Lemuria destroy each other, with magic. The survivors set themselves up as the gods and goddesses of Sumer, Persia, Egypt, Greece, India and America. Zeus, Isis, Rah, Hera, Kali, Yahweh, Allah are capricious and must be feared. Obey me and I will love you. Disobey and I will punish you. Resistance and rebellion grows within the human spirit.

The Prophets Speak: We are the messengers. We are the men and women who speak with God. And even though the original words had been lost, with our visions we will bring about the religions of the world. Andron became Abraham, And Septros, Moses and Muhammad. And there was Akhenaten and Mary and Mary Magdalene and Miriam the sister of Moses, who asked, "does God only speak through you?" and Ayesha, the prophet Muhammad's wife, quarrelled with his daughter Fatima over who would succeed him.

A line of Kings and Queens: We are the rulers of the world, anointed by God. We are the guides and leaders of humanity. Arthur and Guinevere, Alexander, David and Solomon, Nefertiti, Hiawatha, Cleopatra.

Race of Warriors: We serve and are the defenders of the poor and weak. "If you are capable of trembling with indignation each time an injustice is committed in the world, then we are comrades, and that is more important"~ 'Che' Guevara ~ and Arjuna, and Jeanne D'Arc.

The Art of Magic: Words have energy. Music has energy. Magic, Art, Science, Alchemy. Merlin and Vivian, Morgan Le Fay. Bach, Pythagoras, Newton. Dunnett, Hafez, Shakespeare, Sappho. Da Vinci, Michelangelo. Hermes.

Lord of the Morning: I am the bringer of the dawn; the healer of the earth; lord of the morning. I am Krishna, and there has not been an age in which I did not incarnate.

This is above all a story about remembered lives. You, too, have been here before. Will you be the visionary, the prophet, the seer, the warrior, the artist? Did you walk on Atlantis, fly through the stars?

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