Sunday, January 18, 2009

I had a vision

"Morriseau~Astral World"

I had a vision, and in this vision I went to the beach with my family. Saw the waves were getting quite high so suggested we leave. A tidal wave came in and many drowned.

Prophets have visions, and in the course of things they change the world. I on the other hand have just known, and things came to pass. So I could go to Sri Lanka and see the tsunami that would devastate it years later, and on the same trip I went to the North of Pakistan and years later an earthquake devastated that part of the world too.

So I have known since birth what my role and purpose was, and followed that, and in the course of my life, saw many things.

I have said: Sometimes, seeing the future can be a terrible thing.

So I can choose to warn people, or not, since that may be the lesson they have to learn. Those were the choices they already had made.

Every year, I have a meditation just before Christmas. Many things happen around that time. A friend had an unexpected pregnancy, scheduled an abortion, then miscarried just before. At least it was natural, as opposed to the harmful (to mother and child) procedure. I called another friend, and thought to wish her grandmother a happy new year. She'd received healing from me, and was a lot better as a consequence. Just moved to a new home, and as I spoke to her grand daughter, clearly heard her spirit say to me, "Won't be long for the world now". She passed away that night. The Israeli onslaught on Gaza, on a defenseless population, began. I had another meditation in the new year. A young man came there and turned his Blackberry off out of courtesy. When he checked it in the morning, he saw several messages, his uncle had passed away that night, of a heart attack. The TV show "Ugly Betty" had the same story that week. She goes to a party and turns off her Blackberry, and next morning sees several messages: her father's had a heart attack. I was reminded once again how I bring many lives into being, help the living, but also, help the spirits of those who have passed on. And there will be many.

But this is not really what I do. I warn, and help people, but in the end life will depend on the choices they make. People exist in multiple dimensions without even being aware of it. I exist in all the dimensions, and am so very aware of all of them. My visions tell me that we are drowning, and yet are blind to all the dangers around us. And this is what I see: there are demons all around us, and they will follow those who are blind to the end of their lives and beyond.

But I also say this: I am God's love, and those who follow me will know peace.


Vnukot said...

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Man From Atlan said...

Thanks, I will look at it, but the fault lies not only in all these ~isms and religions, but us. So I offer a different philosophy which I hope you will look up in the older posts as well.