Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Miracle in Toronto

For those who predicted a disaster in Toronto: I said, "not while I live here".

I'll offer this to the world; make of it what you will.

In the early morning hours this Sunday August 10th, a propane facility in Toronto blew up. The blast could be heard for miles, and the fireball lit up the city. Witnesses described it as a "nuclear blast". Miraculously, even though it was in the middle of a residential area, only two people were killed, and other damage was minimal. Still, 12,500 people in a 1.6 km radius were evacuated for safety reasons.

By an interesting coincidence, I was talking to my disciple Isis on Saturday about this very prediction I'd made more than 30 years ago. And my statement to her was that all I could ever promise was those close to me would be protected. The rest of the world would have to find its way back to God, and inner peace, on its own. This is said lovingly. There is only so much that I can do for people who knowingly go about their paths of delusion and self-destruction, and I have grown weary of warning death and destruction to people who would not listen. The blast next morning was very close to her home but she didn't have to evacuate, the perimeter was set just two streets away.

Every once in a while I hold a special meditation service with my inner group of disciples. They've been trained in the Way of Atlan and therefore have realised many of their gifts. They still need feedback, connection with the community and myself to continue learning; it's a life-long path. The last one was held on August 2, 2008 when I said: the solar eclipse of August 1, the day before, would herald great change. On August 7 Georgia attacked a breakaway province, and in response, Russia invaded it. Thousands have been killed. There may be other wars, elsewhere.. I have long said that those who make war are possessed by demons, but I really want to talk about individual people; my message today is for them.

The theme for the world is, What is our next step? You all have only one purpose in life, and that is to find God. How you do it, and how you conduct your life, is up to you, but without God, you will not know peace. We had family over recently. How could they move forward if they didn't understand or believe in God? So many of their close friends were dying of cancer, and they were asking why, but didn't like the answer. And until you find that, you will be reminded over and over again.

I also talked about the dilemma of healers. At what point do you stop trying to save a drowning person? If in doing so you will lose your own life? So, do the best you can, but if you can't help, move on.

I keep being asked, what does this or that dream mean? Well, dreams are shallow superficial things relating to some psychological itch or past life artifact.. But disasters, weather changes, earthquakes are attempts by the Universe to bring about balance, and also, to warn us: wake up!

Exactly 3 years ago, on August 2, 2005, Air France Flight 358 crashed on landing in Toronto, and burst into flames. All 309 people on board survived, without serious injury. This was the e-mail I sent then:
Miracle in Toronto
I'd mentioned to you many times before how I felt disasters happening in Toronto, and also that while I was here I would try to help prevent them, for as long as I could. I also felt that Toronto was a special place, as long as it was my home, and a lot of spiritual people have been drawn to Toronto for that very reason.
It's all about energy; when you create a space of energy then people are drawn to it, whether that is to you, or your living room, or your city. It hasn't been easy. I've struggled between the necessities of earning a living, wanting to finish my books, and helping people in need. And when you pick up on people in need, you drop everything to attend to that, which I myself have said isn't always the best thing to do.
I'll also mention my 2002 article "The end of the world" which is about not being afraid.
I'll mention how a week ago my wife Chloe found a 3 foot tall iron statue of a knight in armour in some one's recycling bin; it now sits in our back garden, and is a sign of fighting to protect the weak and defenceless.
I could mention how (my disciple) Eden and her husband Robbie left for England the day after. They could have been at the airport that day, or the crash could have taken place on Hwy 401, or a student's house, (her mother's under the flight path) but it didn't. 309 people walked out of the plane without major injury. Just as there were many close friends who escaped the London blasts this year.
A miracle happened in Toronto.
Look to the miracle in your own lives.
Naseer Ahmad 2005
I knew there would be a great need for healing in the United States, with earthquakes and other disasters. I also knew things would only get worse. I still wanted to help, so I went with Chloe and Arune, for the 1993 Malibu fires, the 1994 Los Angeles earthquake, then again in 2000, 2001, and 2002. I had a vision of an earthquake in San Francisco, and went there to perform the ceremony that prevented that. Yes I have the power, don't you see? But if I use it endlessly to prevent things, you will never grow up. Still, I sent a disciple to New York six days before 9/11 to help people there.
Yes, I was in London, before the tube blasts. Yes, I was in Glasgow after a bomb attack. The weather changed when I got there, but I only helped the individuals who came to see me. And now I grow weary of that too.
Toronto has been my base for the last 38 years. While I lived here it was safe.
A plane crashed in 1978 at exactly the same location at Toronto Airport as the Air France flight. People were killed. I was living in London at the time. When I returned in 1979 a train carrying chemicals derailed just outside of Toronto and the resulting fireball was seen a hundred miles away. Again, the miracle was that no one was killed. Due to the possibility of a chlorine cloud the entire city of Mississauga, 218,000 people, were evacuated. No further mishap occurred.
Coincidentally, Eden and Robbie flew out of Toronto again, the day before the latest explosion.
I do not know if I will be staying in Toronto any longer. That depends.
This is a message to the people of this planet.
You have a choice now.
Believe in me
Help me
Follow me
I wish you peace, love, and joy.


Dr David Bernard said...

A young woman from Toronto recently visited our house in Devon, England, for three weeks as a guest. On the morning after her arrival, for no apparent reason, as my wife was sitting in the kitchen having an early breakfast, a chunky rock crystal ashtray suddenly split into three pieces with a sharp explosive sound. My wife couldn't believe it.

Throughout her visit, the young woman appeared to be psychologically disturbed. She threw several tantrums, entered into angry arguments incessantly, and on one occasion her behavior went completely beyond the pale as she flew into a rage about something quite trivial. Rather than kick her out of the house — she was our guest as well as my son's partner — I was forced to move out during the final two days of her visit and take refuge in a bed-and-breakfast hotel.

Do you think the exploding ashtray had anything to do with the psychic turmoil generated by this Guest From Hell?

Man From Atlan said...

Without having met the young lady in question, that is still quite possible. I have been researching the link between psychism and psychosis, and the fact that there was a fine dividing line between schizophrenia and spirituality.
My findings are that much of mental illness is unrecognised psychic (emotional) sensitivity.
I have also observed many yogis and spiritual teachers use supernatural tricks to impress people, and I caution people against psychic possession, which can of course take many forms.
I have also met many of the world's truly rich, and if any one could qualify as demon-possessed, it would be them.

Xanadu said...

I understand that incidents such as the exploding ashtray are not uncommon in houses where poltergeist phenomena have been reported, i.e., mysterious knocks and bumps, doors slamming for no reason, physical objects like books hurtling across rooms of their own accord, pictures suddenly falling off walls, and other such bizarreries.

All this was put down to "ghosts" in the old days, but the explanation is more mundane nowadays: the presence of an extremely disturbed (usually young) person in the house.

How the turbulent "psychic energies" of a psychologically disturbed person can affect physical objects remains a mystery to me. I guess mind has an influence over matter. Gurdjieff, for example, claimed to be able to extinguish a candle at the far end of the room just by gazing at the flame and willing it to go out. As for the Indian sage Sai Baba, if we are to believe the stories told about him, he could conjure gold rings and jewellery out of thin air — which he would then present to his disciples as gifts. Pity I was never around to be the object of his largesse!

Man From Atlan said...

Let's just say that new doorways between dimensions are being opened all the time, xanadu, and objects and spirits remove themselves and reappear.
Someone brought some priceless rubies to be 'charged' at a meditation on Ugborough Beacon years ago. They transported away, then reappeared after much searching, in the very same spot.