Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Anger of Women

I was reminded, several times over the course of last week, of the anger of women. (Not directed at me, thankfully :)

Much of the illness of the world comes from the divided nature of God. God is both complete, in the sense of the being that created and started the whole process, and incomplete, as expressed through the male and female energies, which leads to conflict with each other. Literally, there is a separation between the male and female, which can be resolved only through balance and reintegration.

The religions of the world at their core have not resolved, but in fact, created further divisions between the sexes. There is a discrepancy between what is professed to be an enlightened form of care for women, for example, and their actual treatment in all the religions.

My mother is a very intelligent human being. Back in the 50’s, when her parents received complaints from the Muslim community in London that she wasn’t wearing the Niqab, the full length garment, (in fact she was asked to model some traditional Pakistani dresses for magazine covers) they threatened to disown her. My father supported her, so she was fairly liberal in her interpretation of Islam, but later in life, feeling guilt about her parents, became more orthodox, and today she wears the Niqab.

As a child, I felt there was something very wrong about this, and that it was a form of suppression. That this bright young woman who brought out my love for reading and knowledge from a very early age should have to follow the rules of an incomprehensible deity, offended me greatly. Please understand that my feelings towards Islam, and other religions, stem from my own beliefs, and not this event, but still, it confirmed to me the treatment of women in religion is archaic, patronizing, and, wrong.

When I started healing I asked myself why the chakras supposedly started at the base of the spine when I could see them beginning at the feet; why energy was supposed to be raised upwards when it made sense for energy to flow in both directions. This was, as it turned out, because the feet represented our connection with the feminine, with mother earth, and we had been indoctrinated into raising our energies upwards, and praying skywards, (Heavenly Father) and not downwards, which led to all sorts of imbalances within ourselves.

I also felt the spirit of the woman who had been my mother in many lifetimes, Eflan of Atlan, and Mary the mother of Jesus. That I had been her teacher in many lifetimes and she had been mine needed to be acknowledged. That the Buddha, Krishna, and Jesus had female disciples was a Given, to me. That Miriam, the sister of Moses was supposedly punished for stating that she was a prophetess and therefore equally deserving of communicating with God seemed a reflection of religion, not God. That Mary Magdalene should be attacked by Peter out of jealousy for her close relationship with Jesus was another example of how the role of women in religion came to later be suppressed by men.

There are a group of women who belonged to the same tradition as Mary the mother and Mary Magdalene, the wife of Jesus. They were the oracles of Delphi, the witches of Europe, the ecstatic followers of Krishna. They practiced magic, and some misused that power. They were, through their sexual practices, because of their anger, more likely to be possessed by entities and demons, and this was a pattern they were to bring into this and many other lifetimes.

They had a deep karma with their children, and their marriages were problematic. Today they tend towards anger and frustration, and fear to tap into their power, because of their past history. Because of the pain they carry inside themselves, it is not always easy to help, but nevertheless, I have been blessed by the friendship of many women. I teach them to heal themselves, and become one with God. I teach them to once again, heal men.

The earth represents our ability to nurture ourselves. Due to our imbalance the earth no longer can support us, and many have health and material issues. Few are capable of maintaining healthy marriages or relationships with children. Both men and women will have to resolve this, and only then can we truly become spiritual beings. The answer will be, through Love and Compassion. And becoming One with God.


Chaieomie said...

Great article Naseer, thanks:) Love, Chaieomie

moonkoon said...

In the parable of the lost coin, Jesus portrays God as a woman.
She is the one who gives here time and energy to rediscovering the coin which was lost, that's us.
A coin which is lost still has intrinsic value.
She will go to great lengths to to find any that are misplaced.
Luke 15: 8 – 10

Man From Atlan said...

And loves us, as a mother does.

Anonymous said...

If we're God or 'one with God,' then how is it we are overpowered, covered by Maya, (illusion)?
Is Maya (illusion) greater than God?

Man From Atlan said...

That's part of the plan, so we can struggle through karma to find our way back. God created Maya, after all.